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Unqualified Insolvency Advice, Unqualified Insolvency Advice, HBG Advisory

Unqualified Advice From Insolvency Specialist.

Our IP's are members of the Insolvency Practitioners Association.

“Be nice to people on the way up, because you may meet them on the way down.” – Jimmy Durante

Unqualified Insolvency Advice

Avoiding unqualified Insolvency Advice is essential to protect you as a Director.

Unqualified Insolvency advisers plague the corporate insolvency profession. Company directors, therefore, must take care when looking for help. Only, speak with licensed insolvency practitioners and their team.

They can be confirmed by viewing sites such as the ICAEW, IPA, Law Society and the ACCA (See links below). If you are unable to trace them on these websites then they are an unqualified advise.

To help with business recovery and business rescue requires Insurance cover along with a suitable license.

Your need assurances when you explore rescue options available.

Therefore ensure at all times, you have all advice given confirmed in writing for future reference (IMPORTANT).

HBG Advisory offer many years of experience in our insolvency team headed by Sandra Mcalister, our Senior Licensed Insolvency Practitioner.

We have offices and meeting rooms covering the whole of the UK.

You can view our Licensed Practitioners credential online with the Insolvency Practitioners Association.

HBG Advisory apply the highest standards in dealing with clients. When we give advice, we back that up with a written summary for future reference. We offer fixed prices on Liquidation (Excluding disbursements). We talk openly about matters which may concern you financially in total confidence and assure you of no hidden surprises, once we are appointed provided both parties disclose material issues upfront.

PLEASE NOTE: Unqualified Insolvency Advice is not backed by any professional body in the UK.  Therefore, you are, as a Director, remain responsible for your actions based on their advice.

Unqualified Insolvency Advice – It is important to ensure Qualified Advice:-

  • Avoiding upfront fees by an intermediary.
  • Look for time dumping for the amount of work not carried out.
  • Rash promises for debts to be written off personally, when no understanding exists, as to whether debts are personally guaranteed. Obligations may be loans, overdrafts and directors overdrawn accounts.
  • Ensure that if you pay a fee upfront, you receive a signed engagement letter detailing what the firm will do for you and when it will start. Ensure you remain in contact. Take notes of all meetings.
  • Ensure all advice is in writing.
  • You and your staff should have a clear understanding of redundancies and how it will affect you all. However if not, walk away.
  • Ensure guaranteed confidential advice.
  • Understand wrongful trading and what is an Insolvent Company.
  • Explore closure options?

Our service offers a free initial consultation which is confidential. HBG Advisory advises on a range of corporate solutions. They include HMRC arrears, winding up petitions, cash flow issues, statutory demands, finance.

HBG Advisory. QUALIFIED ADVICE. Advising when you need support most. Meet The Team At HBG Advisory.

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    Unqualified Insolvency Advice, Unqualified Insolvency Advice, HBG Advisory
    Unqualified Insolvency Advice, Unqualified Insolvency Advice, HBG Advisory
    Unqualified Insolvency Advice, Unqualified Insolvency Advice, HBG Advisory
    Unqualified Insolvency Advice, Unqualified Insolvency Advice, HBG Advisory