The Government Gateway?

The Government Gateway. – To register to use the HMRC online, register with the Government Gateway. The government have a strategy called the ‘joined-up government’. Therefore, the gateway ensures more accessible communication between the public and government departments from a simple single point of entry.

During the Covid19 pandemic, UK companies need to check out HM Gov reinstate support for UK Companies.

When wanting to register.

You may then register as an:


Services you can register for?

Portal used by governmental departments. They are:-

  • VAT
  • PAYE for Employers

The Government Gateway can then be used for:-

Filing online forms for say tax returns. You can then apply to use other services and appoint an authorised agent to act on your behalf.

Organisations can appoint designated users from their organisation. As a point of security, you can authorise designated users different access levels.

Is The Government Gateway secure?

Great care has been taken to ensure the security of the gateway. Indeed, pedantic stepped security uses secure connections (SSL), digital certificates, data encryption, and secure user Id’s.

The first time you need the Government Gateway is paying taxes!  So if you are unable to make a payment, please contact HBG Advisory and let’s see if the HMRC will agree to a time to pay arrangement?

How Can HBG Advisory Then Help?

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