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John A Waller


Updated: August 21st,2021.

Fixed Price MVL

Fixed price MVL – When it comes to voluntary liquidation, we understand our clients want to know how much it will cost them to place their company into liquidation.

HBG Advisory provides FAST payout with no hidden costs.

Having the confidence to move reward with a FIXED FEE therefore puts aside cost issues moving forward through the stress free liquidation process.

The cost of placing a company into liquidation can vary depending on your circumstances, but we have striven to price a guide to costs within set criteria. You can observe our packages below for members voluntary liquidation.

Fixed Price Liquidation 1 – MVL £995 plus disbursements

  • Non Advice Service;
  • Tax-Friendly – Entrepreneurs Relief;
  • Quick access to 100% of funds day one of the members voluntary liquidation;
  • Distribution in species;
  • Best MVL if the company has therefore stopped trading, no assets or liabilities, only a cash balance.

Fixed Price Liquidation 2 – MVL £1,895 plus disbursements

  • Advice driven service;
  • Tax-Friendly – Entrepreneurs relief;
  • Quick access to 75% of funds day one of the members voluntary liquidation;
  • Best MVL if S455 interest is due;
  • Best MVL if Corporation Tax is not finalised, assets on the balance sheet and employees;
  • Suitable for contractors, consultants or larger companies.

Fixed Price Liquidation 3 – MVL £4,850 plus disbursements

  • Bespoke and advice-driven service;
  • Discussions with the company’s professional advisors;
  • Restructuring and realisation of going from a live business to members voluntary liquidation;
  • Taking a commercial approach to asset realisation;
  • Dealing with creditors;
  • Contingent liabilities.

When will Funds be distributed among Shareholders?

Depends on which of the above MVL liquidation is required. With MVL1 and many MVL2. HBG Advisory will distribute funds within 48 to 72  hours.  Funds are distributed on the day one of liquidation. We provide a Deed of Assignment/Distribution, along with the Liquidator’s statement of Distribution, Receipts and Payments account.

However, not all MVLs are simple to perform and require. Perhaps the MVL3 service. However, we can payout 75% on the day of the liquidation, and the balance within three to twelve months after the liquidation date. Final payment is subject to clearance by HMRC, normally taking two months, but these unusual pandemic times may increase the time.

To find out more or get advice, please call John Waller on 0800 612 5448.

Please view the team at HBG Advisory.

* All prices may be subject to VAT & taxes where applicable.

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Cost of an MVL?
Cost of an MVL?
Cost of an MVL?
Cost of an MVL?
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