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Insolvency Services For UK Businesses

Insolvency services for UK businesses offered to English and Welsh companies registered at ‘companies house’.

Services available are:

Corporate rescue and turnaround

Admitting a problem can be problematic for companies with difficulties. Businesses experience financial obstacles for various reasons: shifts in the marketplace, economic downturns, loss of a critical customer, poor management, a series of bad debts or failure to secure a binding contract.

Problematic companies have two options: seek cover or get active! Companies that identify problems early have a better chance of developing and implementing a corporate rescue plan.

HBG Advisory offer is a firm committed to business rescue. Our objective is to successfully carry on trading and reverse the direction of our client’s business. We will develop a robust plan for your business, protect your business and aid its return to a profitable trading organisation.

For further reading, please view: ‘Business Turnaround and rescue UK‘.

Corporate insolvency

HBG Advisory endeavours to safeguard rescue and survival for those experiencing financial hardship, but inevitably, this will not always be possible. There can often be severe underlying problems that may prevent a long-term recovery of the business. In such cases, formal proceedings to place the company into administration or receivership. If there are opportunities, the company may remain viable. Additional measures include voluntary agreements failing, which result in companies who are not feasible. Even then, there may be a solution which can help you regain control of your business later.

Debt Advice for Lenders & Investors in the UK

Lenders still suffer the consequences of the financial crisis and global recession. The effect is how they, as lenders & investors, deal with borrowers complying with loans issued.

Lenders envisage increases in non-performing loans, especially during the current pandemic. HBG Advisory is well-positioned to review your borrower’s situation and prescribe ways to achieve optimal recovery for you. 

HBG Advisory performs:

  • Independent business reviews, 
  • Business viability reports,
  • Contentious bankruptcy cases,
  • Act as administrators.

Working with partners

HBG Advisory has established connections with professional advisers throughout the UK, covering solicitors and accountants, and assisting clients in financial troubles. In these cases, our intermediary partners will require their customers a robust, workable solution, and HBG will work with them to secure the most favourable result.

During these trying times, directors fail to utilise the services afforded by advisory companies to incorporate recovery when dealing with debtors who are either failing or failed. At HBG, we offer FREE creditor services from HBG, which may help companies deal with issues that directors have no capacity to deal with.

Licensed Insolvency Practitioners for Professional Services Companies in the UK.

The professional services sector provides vital support to businesses and individuals throughout the UK. With many professional services providers specialising in a particular area, it is not uncommon for advisors with different expertise to work together to assist mutual clients.

As licensed insolvency practitioners, we provide support services to:

  • Accountants, 
  • Lawyers and 
  • Financial advisors to their clients require robust insolvency support.

We remain emphatic to your client’s position, who face financial hurdles, understanding their stresses. Simultaneously, we also realise that business recovery, restructuring and debt advice may not be something you deal with regularly. Even if you are willing and able to do so, legislation may require you not to give advice. We are here to help you, and can do so without endangering your existing client connections.

As a referral partner, HBG Advisory remains committed to helping you and your clients with practical and cost-effective advice. We, however, do not offer the services of:

  • Tax, 
  • Wealth management, 
  • Corporate finance
  • Audit, or 
  • Legal advice.

Assuring you that HBG Advisory complements your offering, rather than competing with it, so you do not risk losing your client. Important!

The Directors at HBG Advisory value referral partners, especially during the challenging pandemic. Therefore, ensuring we then provide ‘peace of mind’. Our team is the experienced advisors providing robust support when your clients require:

  • Recovery, 
  • Restructuring and 
  • Debt advice.

Be confident of our professionalism at all times, and ensure confidentiality that protects your client’s reputation.

Insolvency Services For UK Businesses and Coronavirus COVID 19

Since January 2020, the pandemic has seriously affected the world, including the United Kingdom economy. Lockdowns have impacted businesses nationally, prompting support from the UK Government in an unprecedented manner. So much, so structural changes have been made to corporate law affecting how directors act. Please read ‘Structural changes to UK corporate law in 2020‘ for further reading.

Key services:

  • Corporate Insolvency;
  • Business rescue and turnaround;
  • Financial and corporate restructuring.

Key sectors:

  • Retail
  • Transport
  • Telecoms
  • Manufacturing
  • Leisure
  • Printing
  • Motor
  • Construction
  • Legal
  • Utilities
  • Estate Agents
  • Catering
  • Science
  • Sport

HBG Advisory Offices

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Since the onset of the pandemic, we have offered clients and introduced online meetings through our VIRTUAL meeting safe and private service providing privacy with the ability to meet from the comfort of your home or office, assuring confidentiality at all times.

The Insolvency Service

A Government agency that delivers economic confidence by supporting those in financial difficulty, tackling financial injustice and maximising returns for creditors.

The Insolvency Service provides advice, guidance, and a structure to help deal with personal and business insolvency problems in England and Wales

Forming part of the Government Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS), the Insolvency Service administers regulation and advice if an individual becomes insolvent personally and enters bankruptcy, or if a limited company enters liquidation.

For further support with ‘FREE Company Debt Solutions‘.

HBG Adbisory

For further reading, please view  About us at HBG Advisory.

To view our team, please view ‘ The Team at HBG Advisory


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