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Insolvency Advice For Solicitors

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Insolvency Advice for Solicitors

Are you a solicitor searching for recovery, turnaround or insolvency services for your law practice?

HBG Advisory provides specialist knowledge in supporting solicitors practices, assuring you are in safe hands.

We understand the sensitive nature of supporting legal practices. As fellow professionals, we understand the need for integrity and confidentiality throughout and services required.

Our experience with law firms has allowed us to offer the utmost professional standards when dealing with a sensitive issue, helping a practice while failing.

HBG Advisory support varies from 

  • cashflow and stakeholder management; 
  • finance raising; 
  • mergers;
  • disposals;
  • insolvency solutions.

The Legal profession in the UK has experienced unusual developments. The effect has impacted heavily on the profession, though it remains ongoing. Solicitors await numerous changes and how they impact work in progress, affecting cash flow and the viability of the practice.

Solicitors face LAA funding reductions, along with the impact reduced budgets for UK police forces has impacted on their ability to bring parties to court.

Whatever your situation, HBG Advisory appreciates the significance of early engagement supporting your legal practice and how the law society reacts. Our approach has helped management stakeholders, dealing with practice funders through to staff, HMRC, SRA, and LAA. Therefore, seeking an early rescue and recovery plan is vital to avoid loss of control, regulatory problems, and destruction of your hard-earned business and professional standing.

As experienced legal professionals, you understand the need to approach a licensed insolvency Practitioner out of your inner circle (Confidentiality) to support you with any anxiety why dealing with the facts.

Insolvency Advice For Solicitors – Treading Carefully

The SRA focus heavily on Legal Practices maintaining financial stability. However, market conditions have made such views unmanageable in practice. 

It is also crucial to ensure you manage a formal winding down of your practice affairs, while protecting your client’s interests and safeguarding the legal profession.

Appointing HBG Advisory sooner than later allows us to offer your practice the most beneficial chance of rising from your current situation, with your head held high and well-positioned to go forth in, or out of, the legal profession.

Firm closures due to financial difficulties – Guidance

Therefore, please contact us in total confidence and sorts your worries today!

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Solicitors insolvency advice
Solicitors insolvency advice
Solicitors insolvency advice
Solicitors insolvency advice
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