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HMRC Offices Around The UK

The HM Revenue and Customs offices around the UK are strategically sited for access. We, therefore, listed below the points of contact and address for your ease of use.

Numerous phone numbers exist for the HMRC. However, when contacting the office, you may be subject to long delays answering.

If you are wishing to enter into a negotiation with the HMRC, then please view our page HMRC NEGOTIATIONS.

Wishing to clear your debt with the HMRC but you have no funds to do so, then please click on CLEAR HMRC DEBT.

Telephone numbers:

  • Advice on making tax payments  0300 200 3500;
  • National Insurance General enquiries  0300 200 3500;
  • Field officer identity check  0300 200 3862;
  • International debt  0300 053 8932;
  • Self-assessment and PAYE for individuals:  0300 200 3311;
  • Debt management:  0300 200 3887;
  • Tax avoidance schemes:  0300 123 8993;
  • VAT Enquires:  0300 200 3700;
  • Corporation Tax:  0300 200 3410;
  • Tax credits  0345 300 3943.

Offices Around The UK – Addresses:

The addresses listed below are the primary contact addresses of the HMRC. As advised, the letter you may have received may have an address different.

If so, reply to the one as noted:

  1. PAYE and Self-Assessment Complaints,
    HM Revenue and Customs,
    BX9 1AB.
  2. NIC and Employer Complaints,
    HM Revenue and Customs,
    BX9 1A.
  3. PAYE, Self-Assessment, Capital Gains Tax, Inheritance Tax,
    BX9 1AS.

National Insurance Contributions,
National Insurance Contributions and Employers Office,
HM Revenue and Customs,
BX9 1AN.

  • Corporation Tax Services,
    HM Revenue and Customs,
    BX9 1AX.


HMRC offices around the UK for VAT have a more regional contact point. If so, reply to the address as noted in the top right-hand corner.

  • VAT Written Enquiries Team.
    HM Revenue and Customs,
    Alexander House,
    21 Victoria Avenue,
    SS99 1BD.

HMRC Regional Office Structure moving forward.

Regional centres will be located in every region and nation of the UK:

  1. Scotland – 1 Sibbald Walk, Edinburgh;
  2. Scotland – 1 Atlantic Square, Glasgow – phase 1 due to open in 2021, phase 2 to be confirmed;
  3. Northern Ireland – Erskine House, Belfast;
  4. Yorkshire and the Humber – 7 and 8 Wellington Place, Leeds – due to open in 2020 to 2021;
  5. The North East – Existing site at Benton Park View, Newcastle;
  6. North West – India Buildings, Liverpool;
  7. North West – 3 New Bailey, Manchester – phase 1 due to open in 2022, phase 2 to be confirmed;
  8. East Midlands – Unity Square, Nottingham – due to open in 2021 to 2022;
  9. West Midlands – 3 Arena Central, Birmingham – due to open in 2020 to 2021;
  10. Wales – Central Square, Cardiff – due to open in 2020 to 2021;
  11. South West – 3 Glass Wharf, Bristol;
  12. London, East and South East -14 Westfield Avenue, Stratford – due to open in 2020 to 2021;
  13. London East and South East –1 Ruskin Square, Croydon – opened July 2017.

Common TAX issues

Requiring help with HMRC? Then please contact HBG Advisory

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