Financial Tsunami ready to hit UK Economy

John A Waller


Financial Tsunami ready to hit UK Economy. Current support from the UK Government to aid businesses through the Coronavirus Covid-19 Pandemic does not help companies avoid insolvency but merely delay the inevitable. So what happens when support is insufficient to meet the company’s demands financially, even worse when support stops?

Many companies who should be in liquidation are still in existence and worsening the position of creditors.

The pandemic is an excuse for those companies who are not viable to remain still while causing chaos to their creditors.

Believe it or not, the latest stats show less insolvency, than the same month in 2019.

So is the UK heading for an economic collapse with company failures about to hit us.

Is it like a tsunami, building momentum from the earthquake, out at sea, but the wave has yet to hit land?

Should we not be concerned, the money saved over the last ten years or austerity has gone. How much money claimed fraudulently? An yet we still are on the wave knowing we are about to hit the beach. 

Money does not grow on trees. (Believe it or not)

So, the money spent is in the system.

Well managed businesses, have though and continue to be saved.

However, history proves that businesses in the UK fail. 

Though not so many in the pandemic. So what is happening?

Will we witness a rush of company failure once the government withdraws support ceases?

Yes. Big style to be blun