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Notice Of Distraint Issued By HMRC

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Notice of Distraint Issued by HMRC.

The Notice of Distraint Issued by HMRC has been used since the Enterprise Act in 2003. HMRC had to then concentrate its effort on chasing unpaid taxes since not being a preferential creditor.

HMRC has however adopted various methods for collecting debts.

It is important to maintain negotiating with the HMRC. Especially you can’t pay VAT.

A “Notice of distraint“. The HMRC use more and more, putting pressure on companies to pay. So, ensure you comprehend the implications of the document.

HMRC contact:

A common perception remains HMRC is hostile (not physically) in its strategy of collecting overdue money.

Before an HMRC officer visits your business premises, they send a notification by post, advising you, the tax remains overdue. Therefore, when a Bailiff or HMRC officer arrives at your business with a “Notice of Distraint“, then it can come as no surprise, as the company has had a warning in writing.

Therefore, once you receive the letter, contact the HMRC and “START TALKING.” Do not ignore a Notice of Distraint Issued by HMRC.

Your company has a ‘Notice of Distraint Issued by HMRC’ served on it.

Once in receipt of distraint, contact HMRC immediately. They can remove it if you engage in negotiations. Do not avoid it. If you wish, seek independent advice from an independent licensed insolvency practitioner. The HMRC is determined when collecting money. Soon, an HMRC distraint officer will be at your premises to take an inventory of assets. They will, if forced, sell them to pay for the Overdue Tax via a public auction.

Notice of Distraint Issued by HMRC – What can I do when receiving distraint?

  • FIRSTLY: Ensure you confirm they are from HMRC. Officers should have an identity card. If in doubt constant the Revenue;
  • DISPUTED: This should be disputed in the first letter. Act swiftly. If under appeal, then they will not remove goods;
  • AGREED; Pay the demand to secure business.

However, if you have the ability to pay, but need time? Then contact the team at HBG Advisory. Consider an insolvency rescue procedure, like

Therefore, clearly you need clear help from an Insolvency Practitioner.

However, in doubt of the future, especially during Coronavirus Covid-19, we can help with a notification of liquidation or a notification of the intention of appointment. Both options cease any further action or removal of goods from your premises.

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