Creditor Services From HBG 

Creditor services from HBG. Author: John A Waller, Consultant. Reviewed: July 22nd, 2024.

HBG Creditor Services helps alleviate the administrative strain while a creditor of a potentially insolvent company is undertaking an insolvency process.

Additionally, HBG Advisory strives to maximise creditors” dividends paid by using credit or service experience pre and post-insolvency.

However, our creditor support is free.

We use market-leading data, which allows us to monitor companies daily. Usually, this increases our clients’ chances of recovering a bad debt.

HBG Advisory uses only commercially proven solicitors and insolvency professionals throughout the UK and Europe.


Dealing With A Company In A Insolvency Procedure?

Have you received notice that a debtor has entered into insolvency or is proposing to call a creditors meeting then?

HBG Creditor Services helps you to act quickly without any further cost or loss. We assist through our Creditor Services Team at HBG Advisory
Our team supports clients who have received a proxy and are unsure about the next move to action. Our Team offers service and delivers the following:
Free services to clients.

  • We deal with any insolvency proceedings;
  • represents creditors at creditor meetings;
  • improve chances of a return to creditors by carrying out a further investigation (No Cost);
  • dedicated Team, Helpline, and Live Portal for updates.

HBG Advisory’s free service to clients allows you to move on and let us do our bit by enabling us to have your vote.

That’s it. SIMPLE!

HBG Advisory prides itself on the process of communicating with our clients.
The use of our service, therefore, adds another bolt to protecting cash flow for your company.

Creditor Services From HBG:

  • Reports for when litigation is required;
  • claims processing and progress management;
  • asset assessment (Fixed & Current);
  • support attending Creditor’s Meetings;
  • legal action as and when required.

HBG Advisory works with solicitors, accountants, quoted companies and privately owned businesses.

However, we will assist with your claim in the event of a liquidation or other form of corporate insolvency.

Our Insolvency Practitioners are members of the ACCA and Insolvency Practitioners Association. For further information on our Licensed Insolvency Practitioners, view “The Team at HBG Advisory.

Help contact HBG Advisory to discuss Creditor Services.

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