Coronavirus News In Northern England

– July 31st, 2020

Coronavirus news in northern England means restrictions once again tightened in northern England.

Further easing in England postponed for a further two weeks. Over the past week, covid19 cases increase; however, Boris Johnson said: “From August 8th, 2020, face coverings become compulsory in additional indoor settings, they include museums and places of worship”. Face coverings remain compulsory in shops, supermarkets and public transport. However, “Higher risk settings” including bowling alleys, skating rinks and casinos, deferred opening until possibly August 15th, 2020. Though not been firmed up and possibly may extend?. Furthermore, all Indoor performances, including wedding receptions of up to 30 people, remain not possible.

Coronavirus News In Northern England – Lockdown Potential

Additional restrictions were placed on Greater Manchester, elements of East Lancashire, West Yorkshire and Leicester. They will not legally hold meetings indoors.

The Department of Health and Social Care advises people may visit pubs and bars, though, people from different households required to remain at a distance.

The reintroduction of measures in specific areas comes on the back of over 1500 additional reported cases last week.

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