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Cookie Policy for HBG Advisory

Cookie policy for HBG Advisory 


Most websites use cookies. They equal tiny files which download and improve your website experience.

This page then describes the information they gather and how we then use the cookies. Why we sometimes need to store them. Advice available, so you can then prevent cookies from being stored — this though may reduce performance elements of the sites functionality.

For general information on cookies view Wikipedia article on HTTP Cookies…

Cookies. How We Then Use them?

Cookies exist for many reasons; however, no industry standard options, allowing us to then disable cookies, without disabling the functionality and features within this site. Cookies should then be enabled if not sure whether you need them or not.

Cookies may be prevented in settings by adjusting them on your browser (see your browser help.). Be aware; disabling cookies affect the functionality of this. It may also affect other websites that you may visit. Disabling cookies usually results in disabling functionality and features of this website. Try not to disable cookies were possible.

Cookies that We Set

We use cookies. So if already registered and whether to show certain notifications which might only be valid to users subscribed/unsubscribed.

When you send data, say on contact pages or comment forms. Cookies possibly may be set to remember your user details, for future correspondence use.

Often, cookies used occur by trusted third parties. We detail third party cookies you may use on this website.

This site uses Google Analytics. It remains one of the most used and trusted analytics solutions on the web. Google Analytics helps us to understand how you use the website and ways that we can then improve your experience. Cookies track examples as to how long you spend on the site and the pages that you visit. The information allows us to write and then build engaging content.

For more information regarding Google Analytics, view the official Google Analytics page.

Third-party analytics are used to track and measure the usage of this site. Thus allowing us to produce engaging content. Cookies track things such as the time you spend on the website and pages you visit. Therefore, helping to understand how we may add improvements.

Regularly we test new features and then make changes to the way that the site delivers. When testing, cookies may be used to ensure that you receive a consistent experience while on the site. We then understand which optimisations our users appreciate the most. This information remains essential to you and us as we can accurately make business predictions, that allow us to monitor our advertising.

Our website uses social media buttons and plugins on this site. We then allow you to connect with your social network in various ways, for these to work, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin,  set cookies through our site.

Finally – More Information

Trusting this cleared points regarding cookies for you? As previously mentioned, if there exists something that you aren’t sure about, then it’s usually safer to leave cookies enabled. It may interact with the features you use on our site. If you require more information, then contact us through one of our preferred contact methods. For information on our senior team view our The Team at HBG.

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