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Business Restructuring & Turnaround of Your Company

  • Is your business facing financial and operational difficulties or insolvency? 
  • Are you seeking guidance and support to restore your business to robust financial security?

HBG Advisisory provides expert advice, along with a team of licensed insolvency practitioners tagged with a director, lead assistance, and a UK National Advisory firm?. Please view, ‘Meet the team at Hbg Advisory’.

Our commercially oriented team will work with your management team and stakeholders to determine the best outcome and make it a reality. We focus on implementing efficiency, therefore, to advance business achievement and efficiency while preserving value. Our directors work closely with you to understand you, your business and the vision of your shareholders.

HGB Advisory Director experience

Our Directors have established a robust understanding of business through time spent in the profession. They have the talents and commercial awareness that will make a significant difference to you and your business.

You will have access to expertise within the HBG Advisory team based throughout or firm.

Our six directors and forty plus staff across ten offices in the UK remain a crucial part of the HBG Advisory Network spanning the UK, Spain & Portugal.

Directors of HBG Advisory are members of The Turnaround Management Association UK.

Business Restructuring & HBG Advisory: Sector Expertise

Our sector expertise includes: 

  • Consumer markets; 
  • Financial services; 
  • Healthcare;
  • Leisure & hospitality; 
  • Manufacturing; 
  • Charities; 
  • Professional sectors;
  • Property;
  • Construction; 
  • Transport; 
  • Retail;
  • Technology;
  • Media.

We have a highly experienced Business Improvement team (From Big Four Backgrounds). They focus on supporting clients on improving:

  • Cash flow;
  • Working capital;
  • Business performance.

So too, therefore, circumvent restructuring and insolvency.

Carrying out business restructuring?

Once the directors have agreed to seek restructuring, help, an experienced team requires robust professional advice. HBG Advisory has acting directors of successful companies within their team who do more than add value to our client’s business. They are restructuring specialists who have seen and heard it in business.

Our team will assess your business’s current status while cooperating to formulate future viability and your long-term aims.

The initial review helps both parties establish a robust, deliverable restructure.

For further current reading on restructuring your business in 2021, please read:

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Business Improvement
Business Improvement
Business Improvement
Business Improvement
Business Recovery & Rescue.
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