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Business Insolvency Advice & Support

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The team of professionals at HBG Advisory have extensive experience working with businesses of all sizes that are in distress.

We have a lot of experience providing directors and their company’s with company debt advice including: –

  • business recovery and Business rescue;
  • turnaround, and
  • insolvency solutions and
  • extensive range of specialist insolvency services.

Our helpful team of insolvency turnaround & closure experts will lend a listening ear, evaluate your circumstances, and give you straightforward and reliable advice. We have been able to use our skills to help save businesses from failure all over the United Kingdom.

Together, we can develop a plan so that you can feel hopeful about the future again. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call or place an enquiry online – all enquiries are confidential.

Buainess insolvency advice and support for directors is essential when dealing with company debt.

We  conduct a comprehensive, objective review to get your business back on track. This enables the company to operate on a more secure financial basis and, at the same time, highlight issues that require adjustments.

HBG Advisory provides licensed, secure, essential business insolvency advice and support to business directors.

All our licensed insolvency practitioners are licensed with the “Insolvency Practitioners Association.”

HBG Advisory provides company directors with robust company debt advice and support, along with ‘company rescue‘ options.

Most clients  meet with our team an voice “I need to close my limited company”. 

Please ask John Waller on 0330 056 3120 for ‘free insolvency advice for compananies‘.

Business insolvency advice & support – Insolvency Meaning in Business

The term of insolvency in business refers to the point where a company’s liabilities exceed its assets, suggesting that it cannot raise sufficient working capital to pay its debts to its lenders.

So, this severe financial hardship can come about due to incompetent management, a rise in operating costs or decreased cash flow.

Insolvency in business refers to when a person or limited company (separate legal entities) cannot meet their financial obligations to banks and other creditors (trade creditors, HMRC) when they are due. Sometimes debtors try to make an (informal) agreement with their creditors. However, once these arrangements fail, the individual or company’s insolvency is usually related to insufficient cash.

Require help and support on how to close a limited company? Use on your company’s debt, and what is a liquidation?

So, if you require your company closed. Wish to draw a line and hope for a fresh start? Closing a company no longer applicable or wishing to rescue a viable company has sustained significant adverse debt? Then speaking with HBG Advisory will maximise your options, offering stress-reliving security moving forward.

There are several legal options for company directors to consider achieving the desired outcome for their company.

Does the best option depend on your circumstances and your objective?

Let’s then look at the options available on how to close down an insolvent limited company!

The closing down and restarting of a company. Part of the Company Rescue and support Insolvency family.

Remains a company rescue and restructuring option.

Process closing down an insolvent company.

  • What is a Compulsory Liquidation?

Closure of your company via a winding-up order.

A Solvent Liquidation. 

HBG Advisory is one of the most in-demand Licensed Insolvency Practitioners in the UK, providing help and support on business insolvency to Company Directors, Sole Traders, and Partnerships covering the available options to distressed businesses.

No matter what the problem is that you and your business are experiencing, chances are we have seen it before and can help you out. As turnaround and recover specialists for businesses, HBG Advisory advise company directors on the best course of action to take. We aim for directors to be in control of their situation.

We can help you with “Business Insolvency Advice & Support” like 

Company issues can sometimes be very challenging and add a lot of stress. For many company directors, any external financial pressure on the company, along with the feeling that it might fail, can be a very lonely experience. That’s how HBG Advisory helps you get back on your feet!

Therefore, we do not require personal or company information to answer your initial questions about your company’s situation. Please call us now on 0330 056 3120 for a free meeting with HBG Advisory on limited company insolvency.

It’s possible that your limited company is going through some financial difficulties but still wishes to continue trading.

HBG Advisory provides directors with advice on procedures that allow your limited company to continue trading while insolvent and trade out of debt. We’ll also provide legal action protection by your company’s creditors, assisting with negotiations to decrease your limited company’s debt. 

Seeking to close down and restart your company

Legally wind up and restart debt-free, helping minimise the loss of assets and staff jobs. Further, ensure the Court protects your company from any legal action by the company’s creditors and offers you upfront, fixed quotes, free initial advice and guidance to give you peace of mind.

If you are thinking about shutting down or dissolving a company that is no longer active or has limited resources, we can help.

HBG Advisory will deal with:

  • Loose ends of a dormant or unused limited company;
  • Close down a business if you are retiring;
  • Wind up and distribute assets of a larger, solvent organisation no longer needed.

Therefore, we’ll distribute money and assets expediently to company shareholders while ensuring no future return on tax liabilities and provide upfront, fixed quotes, free initial advice and guidance to get you started.

When requiring pre-liquidation planning and support, or your limited company shows signs of financial distress and insolvency:

HBG Advisory supports company directors with pre-liquidation planning, allowing, therefore, quicker, easier, and cheaper liquidation and protecting assets, direct or liabilities, and redundancy claims for staff and directors. 

We offer complete transparency when it comes to fees, fixed quotes, and free initial guidance and advice. This way, directors can understand the next steps while also reducing stress.

KEY Points regarding Business Insolvency Advice and Support

  • Insolvency is a situation of financial difficulty when an entity is incapable of paying its debts as and when due;
  • Limited Company Insolvency involves insufficient cash flow to continue trading;
  • Entities confronted with insolvency may communicate with creditors and arrange informal arrangements;
  • Low-Cost Liquidation;
  • Supported many company directors;
  • Stop HMRC & Creditor Pressure;
  • Bounce Back Loan Support and Resolution;
  • Insolvency & Restructuring Specialists.

End of furlough

Support for business in the UK through the furlough scheme has now ended, effective September 30th 2021.

HBG Advisory requires no company or personal information to discuss any initial concerns.


However, we require no personal or company details to answer initial questions.

Please call 0330 056 3120 or book a confidential free VIRTUAL meeting safe and private in the privacy of your own home or workplace for free insolvency advice for limited companies.

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