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Advice for introducers and clients. Written by John A Waller, Consultant. Reviewed: July 14th, 2024.

Supported by HBG Advisory and its Licensed Insolvency Practitioners.

Specialising solely in bespoke company debt advice & support.

We receive a high percentage of referrals from fellow professionals.


  • Accountants.
  • Solicitor.
  • Asset-based lender.
  • Entrepreneurs.
  • Bank.

Once consent matters with the referred client are cleared, HBG Advisory arranges a meeting (free of charge) to allow introducers and clients to clarify and understand potential areas of concern. However, we can only help if the client is open with us at our meetings. IMPORTANTLY, all meetings are then in total privacy and confidentiality.

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Areas of concern with Bounce Back Loans

Since the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic in February 2020, rampant inflation issues have occurred. The UK economy has been in a financial crisis, as businesses across the UK have faced closure or reduced earnings.

However, a major concern now causes company directors sleepless nights. The Bounce Back Loan support scheme was introduced in May 2020, designed to support struggling SMEs. However, as loans are due for repayment, those companies are struggling to survive, possibly due to the length of the pandemic, and they worry about bounce back loans and liquidation.

Directors account in the company. Overdrawn or not?

Many clients are unaware of the potential hassle and financial loss associated with accounts and books in arrears.

It is further worsened when ledgers show directors with overdrawn accounts. Perhaps the details are correct. If so, the IP must collect that money from the director, as it is an asset.

However, ledgers have not been updated, and there are incorrect postings. Accurate data must be presented to ensure no errors, wasting time and money.

Preferential Claims made by directors pre-insolvency?

Many directors repay loans made to the company while the company has made no profits and is insolvent. Again, this creates issues with

Directors are unsure of their legal standing on preferential claims.

We can’t stress the importance of early contact, providing advice for introducers’ clients, providing initial free advice, and clarifying fees.

Advice for Introducers Clients and What Does HBG Offer?

So, any referral to HBG Advisory may require your help, the introducer. Moreover, we look forward to building a long-standing relationship. Remember, refer clients and protect creditors’ interests. Therefore, receive our best attention if all parties offer total honesty and provide accurate information in a timely, cost-effective manner.

Our team consists of highly experienced, qualified professionals with considerable commercial experience. They offer advice for introduced clients with many years of experience and remain discreet in handling clients’ affairs.

Therefore, be assured that HBG Advisory will give your introduction excellent service.

Advice For Introducers Clients – Insolvency & Advisory.

Insolvency – Closure: –

Insolvency Recovery – Rescue: –

  • Company Administration – Holding the fort, protecting jobs and therefore hopefully better asset realisation;
  • Pre-Pack Administration – Sale of company pre Administration;
  • Receiverships;
  • Individual Voluntary Arrangements – Personal Insolvency avoids bankruptcy with approved creditor repayment;
  • Forensic Insolvency – Investigation of how the company operated pre-insolvency on asset security and cash wanderings.

Bounce Back Loans and Liquidation.

Advice for Introduces Clients regarding Advisory: –

  • Turnaround.
  • Directors Duties & Responsibilities – What are they, and have they, therefore, overstepped the mark?
  • Creditor Negotiation.
  • Raising Finance.
  • Creditor Services. – Dealing with debtors of a company, therefore, Pre Insolvency.
  • Fraud Investigation.
  • Corporate Finance.
  • Solvent: Members Voluntary Liquidation (MVL) – Liquidating a solvent company so shareholders can extract money in a tax-efficient way, pre-closure.
  • Restructure – action by a company to significantly transform the company’s financial and operational features.
  • Creditor services from HBG.

Liquidating and how you will then move forward during the PANDEMIC.

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Bounce Back Loan advice for Company Directors

Directors should seek professional advice if they have Bounce Back Loan worries regarding repayments. The UK government introduced the COVID-19 support scheme to support businesses through the pandemic. owever, repaying the loans has been difficult. So ensure you seek advice sooner than later.
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