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Licensed Insolvency Practitioners UK
Licensed Insolvency Practitioners UK

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Providing Essential Support To Distressed Directors

If your business is insolvent, our experts will help you carefully evaluate all options. The team at HBG Advisory will help you on your best course of action dealing with company debt, using if required, business rescue and restructuring, winding up and insolvency advice.

With offices in Preston Swansea and other locations throughout the UK, our team can discuss your business difficulties online or at your preferred location. HBG Advisory supports businesses with robust and experienced advice.

What is the function of a Licensed Insolvency Practitioner

A licensed Insolvency Practitioner (IP) remains authorised to act in connection with an insolvent individual, partnership or limited company. Usually, IPs are accountants or insolvency specialists working in firms of accountants. However, they may also be solicitors or qualified solely as an insolvency practitioner.

Our services include:

                      • 100% free and confidential advice;
                      • Clear strategic advice about the options available;
                      • Instant access to our team of Licensed Insolvency Practitioners;
                      • Business Rescue and Recovery choices;
                      • Liquidation and Restart choices;
                      • Solutions for
                        • Directors,
                        • Sole Traders,
                        • Partnerships, and
                        • Individuals.

Business Rescue and Recovery Services

Insolvency Experts

The HBG Advisory team is a dynamic, forward-looking company of Business Rescue and Recovery Advisers. The Insolvency Practitioners Association regulates our licensed insolvency practitioners, serving companies across the UK and those living offshore. 

At HBG Advisory, you can expect a personal, fresh and professional approach to your business and personal business recovery and rescue needs. Our commitment to investment and technology training means we can streamline compliance cost-effectively, ensure maximum returns for creditors, and minimise financial demand for the company. Therefore, ensuring that our core time is dedicated to advising you on how to resolve your business’s financial problems, allowing it to either close legally or protect its position while considering its future viability.

So directors must therefore have time to plan how to keep a viable business going and protect jobs and creditors.

So what can HBG Advisory do for you and your business?

HBG Advisory specialises in providing cost-effective solutions for corporate and corporate debt relief to limited companies across the UK. We continue to provide our customers with outstanding services, while paying maximum returns to creditors and shareholders. As well-established licensed insolvency practitioners, we offer various insolvency products, including voluntary liquidation, such as:-

  • Creditors voluntary liquidation – for an insolvent company;
  • Members voluntary liquidation – for a solvent company;
  • Company administrations – maintaining a viable company;
  • CVA.Helping corporate directors balance liquidity with insolvency.

At present, many UK companies remain affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, it is important that we help companies repay their loans and insolvency advice.

In addition, we will explain the difference between liquidation and administration, and what is insolvency in the UK? We remain open to questions which perhaps are not always clear, avoiding confusion down the line.

Further, we will confirm our advice in writing, along with our fees, providing assurances of our service from our licensed insolvency practitioners.

However, failure to cease trading when unable to pay creditors may be considered misconduct, allowing creditors to suffer further financial losses. Our Licensed Insolvency Practitioners understand as business recovery professionals the importance of acting as liquidators of a company, whether in distress or simply wishing to cease trading. Our Ips are all members of recognised professional bodies, with many years of experience, having passed their JIEB exams with flying colours. It is important to note that our IPs’ duties are under the Insolvency Act 1986. Therefore, ceasing trading with a solvent company may allow you to claim terminal loss relief.

To arrange a  first meeting with a licensed insolvency practitioner and receive free initial insolvency advice for limited companies.

Which option is best for me and my business?

The main objective of formal insolvency procedures is to maximise returns for the company’s creditors.

So we usually try to keep the company’s business in operation with a rescue procedure, which is subject to continuous viability.

The sooner a company seeks help from an insolvency practitioner (IP), the greater the chance the IP can preserve the company or its business.

HBG Advisory can help you and your company with

Our primary expertise helps directors of limited companies cope with pressure from creditors, including HMRC cash flow difficulties and debt problems.

HBG Advisory’s team provides directors with practical, efficient ways to deal with company debt through: –

  • liquidation;
  • administration and other rescue processes.

Through being licensed Insolvency Practitioners, we can help with:

  • Arrears of:
    • VAT;
    • PAYE;
    • Corporation tax.HMRC Tax Problems.
  • Company debt problems;
  • Personal Guarantees;
  • Pressure from Bailiffs;
  • Business Rescue & Recovery.

Licensed Insolvency Practitioners UK serving businesses throughout the UK dealing with company debt

Free Confidential Advice
We don’t need personal or company details to answer initial questions on your situation: You can book a free virtual meeting or call us on 0330 056 3120.
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Bounce Back Loan advice for Directors
Directors should seek professional advice if they have Bounce Back Loan worries regarding repayments. The UK government introduced the COVID-19 support scheme to support businesses through the pandemic. However, repaying the loans has been difficult. So ensure you seek advice sooner than later.

The Licensed Insolvency Practitioners team at HBG Advisory takes the pain out of corporate recovery and personal insolvency for UK businesses.

Insolvency is a circumstance of financial distress in which a person or company cannot repay their debts. A position never envisaged when you set your company up with dreams of being the next Larry Page or Sergey Bring co-founders of Google or Jeff Bezos of Amazon. However, insolvency in companies is a problem that affects companies across the UK every year. As licenced insolvency practitioners, we offer expert advice and turnaround solutions for you and your business.

Insolvency services include:

Free confidential no obligation consultations.

Perhaps the most challenging step for a struggling company is to accept that you need help. Our expert team offers a free and confidential initial meeting. As insolvency practitioners, we will guide you expertly through the most secure and realistic path to financial security, depending on the circumstances of each client.

Clear strategic advice about available options.

As soon as the initial fact meeting occurs, we advise you on the available insolvency options.

However, every company will have its own financial circumstances. Our job is to provide tailored advice for your situation.

Access to the team of licensed insolvency practitioners at HBG Advisory.

It is challenging to have confidence in other people to make the right decisions for you in times of financial stress. However, we promise you will be in safe hands with our highly qualified and experienced team of licensed insolvency experts. 

The HBG Advisory team focuses on putting you and your company back on the road to financial security.

So learn more about HBG Advisory and how we help directors move forward.

Business Rescue and Recovery Options.

Liquidation often includes various options, depending on the type of business and financial burden it faces. 

Bounce Back Loan Support.

We offer bounce-back loan support to hundreds of concerned directors confused about what to do next.

Liquidation and Restart Options.

Therefore, following the above, the best action will often be liquidation or a possible restart. However, this depends on the company type and financial burden level. So if liquidation or restart is the most plausible solution, we will be there at every step.

Solutions for Company Directors, Sole Traders, Partnerships, and Individuals.

Our expert, robust insolvency services are available to struggling companies across the UK. Therefore, please take the time to contact us today to arrange your first free and confidential meeting.

Licensed Insolvency Practitioners UK